Ipoh council to work with animal rights group on capture of strays

IPOH, June 18 — Following an outcry over the shooting of a stray dog at Country Valentine here by Ipoh City Council (MBI) last month, the Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (ISPCA) is now working with the council to step up on its Trap Neuter Release and Manage (TNRM) programme.

ISPCA president Ricky Soong said to prevent strays from being inhumanely put down, the council would contact the society’s volunteers first whenever it receives complaints of strays from the people.

“The volunteers will help to capture the strays and send them to veterinarians to be spayed or neutered,” he said, noting that this was the first time an NGO was working with the council for such efforts.

Speaking to the media at Kampung Bercham here, Soong said the council would give volunteers a grace period of three days to catch a stray before the council sends in its own dog catching unit.

“This will lower the incidence where strays are cruelly handled during the catching process,” he said.

Soong said the society’s volunteers are spread out in SPPK in Pasir Puteh, Bercham, Botani and Menglembu.

“But we welcome more in the city to join our list of volunteers,” he said, adding that the society will collect the names of volunteers and their contact numbers before handing them over to the council in August.

Due to financial constraints, Soong said the society hoped to be able to spay or neuter up to 1,000 strays annually.

“Spayed or neutered strays would wear red collars with a dog licence. There will also be a microchip in each dog that has its feeder’s details,” he added.

MBI public relations officer Mohd Syahrizal Azmi, who was also present, welcomed the initiative by ISPCA.

“This will help to reduce the number of strays caught by the council that are dumped at the Papan landfill area,” he said, adding that the council’s standard operating procedure was to catch strays whenever it receives complaints.

Those interested to join the group of volunteers can contact Soong (016-5506915) or email ispca2016@gmail.com

Malay Mail had reported on May 24 a 1:39-minute recording showing a council enforcement personnel gunning down a stray dog that had non-governmental organisations and animal lovers up in arms over the inhumane act.

The video showed the dog being shot twice while a neighbor who witnessed the incident could be heard pleading with the personnel to stop the shooting.