Why do we choose to ‘Release’?

Animal shelter only serves as a temporary stop for strays. Strays entering ISPCA shelter at most will only be kept for 6-8 months. Within this period, we will try to find them a forever home. However, if there isn’t any adopters, we will send them for neutering (Under TNRM Program) and then released back to where they were found.

No.2222 (microchip code : 22067) is one of the abandoned pet dogs. When ISPCA first found him, he was very weak and with slight skin problem. But after being taken care for a short period of time, this furkid slowly recovered and we sent him for neutering. Currently he is being released back to where he was found and the shop lot developer also agreed to let this furkid to stay at around that area. Our volunteers and shop owner there is feeding him from time to time.

ISPCA has already released approximately 1,700 neutered strays (Under TNRM Program) back to their original location. This way, they will have more freedom compared to being kept in shelter. This is the most humane way of dealing with strays while at the same time, providing them freedom.

ISPCA sincerely hopes that public can understand more about TNRM and also understands the problem we faced for our shelter (lack of manpower and high operating expenditure of shelter).

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